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14th- 28th , January,2019

North American International  Automobile Exhibition (Detroit)


28th - 30th ,January, 2019 

the visit of  Autoinfobiz delegation in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Promoted IAT and Sunsuria parallelly in preparing and cooperating of ASEAN automotive technology innovation center, which mainly including developing the car-sharing services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

4th - 6th ,March, 2019

The visit of Autoinfobiz delegation in Nansha district, Guangzhou (Guangzhou)

Participate in government meetings to discuss relevant content of government’s development of automotive high-tech industry.

7th - 10th , March, 2019

Tianjin international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment Exhibition (Tianjin)


The exhibition of Tianjin automobile component and equipment, rely on the car manufacturing industry in north China, radiation north China and northeast China, and facing the purchase demand of production equipment produced by more than ten vehicle brands and nearly a thousand supporting parts enterprises such as Great Wall, Xiali, Hyundai, Running cars, Faw, Volkswagen, Baic. During the conference, we participated in the cooperation forum for domestic and overseas enterprises to open up the north car equipment shopping mall, seek partners and look for trading opportunities.

15th-17th of April, 2019

The 18th Shanghai international automobile industry exhibition (Shanghai)




6th - 10th of May, 2019

Nigeria Lagos automotive components exhibition and Lagos Motor Fair (Lagos)


Automotive components exhibition business communication activities. The main exhibitors were complete vehicle enterprises, the number of auto-components enterprises were less. This inter-regional exhibition

was attended by automobile assembly enterprises, automobile and industrial components suppliers, tool suppliers, tool work suppliers, automobile supplies and industrial departments. Most of them are loyal exhibitors who travel between Abujia a d Lagos with the exhibition organizers.

6th- 12th of May,2019

The visit of  Autoinfobiz delegation in Zimbabwe (Harare)


Visited local automobile factories and automobile design companies and participated in the discussion on the prospect and trend of automobile import and export between China and Zimbabwe.

18th -24th of May, 2019

The visit of  Autoinfobiz delegation in Russia

( Moscow-St. Petersburg-Ulyan)

Visited the development zone and  components enterprises in it, the computer center of st. Petersburg university of science and technology, the light-weight lab and the laboratory of new composite materials. Besides, participated in the NAPAK round-table conference to discuss the potential cooperation with the Russian automobile association, especially discussed with the Russian automobile components association about how to introduce automobile parts technology to Russia and guide Chinese automobile components enterprises to invest and build plants in Russia.

2nd - 6th of September, 2019

International automobile and components exhibition-2019 & the 24th international development program conference of automobile and industrial components suppliers ( Moscow-St. Petersburg)

An event that attract the world’s top automobile manufacturers, automotive components manufacturers and dealers. Autoinforbiz will discuss with NAPAK, Russian automobile industry association, participate in exhibitions and consultations actively and discuss the development of auto mobile trade between China and Russia.

14th - 24th of September, 2019

The 69th Frankfurt international vehicle exhibition (Frankfurt)


18th - 20th of September, 2019

Nagoya international automobile technology exhibition in Japan



The exhibition consists of five sub-exhibitions respectively:Nagoya international automotive electronics exhibition、Nagoya drive system technology exhibition、Nagoya automotive components processing technology exhibition、Nagoya international automotive light-weight technology exhibition and Nagoya driving technology exhibition. Autoinforbiz will participate and negotiate the international development plan of automotive components, organize exhibitors and buyer to attend.

October of 2019

(date to be confirmed)

Seoul automotive components association in South Korea


KOAA SHOW is the largest automobile exhibition in South Korea, with the largest number of exhibitors and visitors in South Korea. It is the only trade show sponsored by the central government of South Korea and supported by several local governments. Since its inception, it has attracted the attention of exhibitors and buyer from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world. The number of foreign exhibitors is increasing year by year. In order to facilitate communication between exhibitors and buyers, the exhibition also set up a one-on-one buyer matching center.

Autoinforbiz will participate and negotiate about the international development plan of automotive components, organize exhibitors and buyers to attend.

December of 2019

(date to be confirmed)

Shanghai automotive components and after-sales service exhibition

Automechanika Shanghai  (Shanghai)


This exhibition will create a professional business platform for enterprises to explore the rapidly developing Chinese market and display the latest new energy automobile technologies and products. In addition, focus on users and buyers while building an enterprise display platform, and provide the best space for exhibitors to cooperate and trade in the market.

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