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Project Anwar (Bangladesh)


Launched the cooperative-project Anwar with Bangladesh.

Signed MOU with Anwar on September 20th, 2018, confirmed each other the exclusive partner.  

Provided to Anwar from September, 2018 about planning scheme of assemble plants, alternative products of right-hand driving car, and market investigation report, as well as the project feasibility study report.

August, 2018

BRG Group Project (Vietnam)

Established the preliminary contact with BRG group in Vietnam and had the high-level talk with Vinamotor and VEAM.


Sunsuria Project (Malaysia)


On 12th of April, 2018, project group visited Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI),  Automobile association and Sunsuria group in Malaysia, singed MOU with the latter. After the visiting, project group started trying to communication with high-level of government, exploring opportunities to participate in the new national car project.

In September, Liangye Dai and Zhenming Chen from Sunsuria group had further negotiation with us at Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai, expecting the cooperation in investment, partners introduction, lubricating relationship with government, establishing R&D center etc.

27th of April, 2019, special envoy of the prime minister of Malaysia and director of merchants bureau of the ministry of industry and information technology of Malaysia participated in the communication and negotiation meeting with Malaysia authorities in Beijing.

In May of 2019,  headquarters IAT and Sunsuria were in the process of cooperation in ASEAN automobile technology innovation center.

January - July, 2019

Project IDC (Zimbabwe)

January, 2019, started negotiation with agent of WMI, reached preliminary cooperation intention.

February, 2019, achieved the agreement in details of cooperation matters and plans. Both sides started launching the cooperation.

March-July, 2018, the two sides gradually clarified the specific details of cooperation, prepared the cooperation agreement. During this period, delegation of Gemmyray visited WMI company and bring to a conclusion about the project with its shareholder--IDC Zimbabwe.

January-July, 2019

Project Fezeh (South Africa)

From January to June, 2019,Gemmyray started to discuses the possibility of cooperation with customers from South Africa and provided the quote of related products. During the period, government of South Africa was highly interested in the minibus for urban traffic. On July, Gemmyray started recommending FAG to negotiate about OEM cooperation with project manager of Baic South Africa plant. 

Since September, 2018

Related Project in Russia

September 30th, 2018, Peter the Great University of technology in st. Petersburg visited to investigate and the two sides signed MOU.

May of 2019, Gemmyray delegation visited Russia for further communication. During the period, Gemmyray had a talk with UAZ about the aspects of  supply and demandvisited the NAMI research institute, testing ground, experimental workshop and equipment; and communicated with Denis, the test center supervisortalked with NAPAK, hoping to establish automotive engineering center in Russia and  had cooperation in technology transfer of components, meanwhile, we were invited to join the Russia Automotive Industry and Components Exhibition 2019visit the computer center, lightweight laboratory, and new composite materials laboratory of St. Petersburg polytechnic University. Both sides had communication and negotiation in further cooperation.

After returning to China, Gemmyray started to organize the components enterprise to participate in the 15th Russia Automotive Industry and Components Exhibition in  2019 in order to have further cooperation with Russia.

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