Autoinfobiz is a business exchange platform facing front-line engineers of national and international auto-relevant enterprises (OEM and component). It provides trusted, reliable information resources and real-time, applicable, professional academic and information report; as well as convenience and efficiency to both supply and demand sides in the industry. Registered membership and companies on Autoinfobiz can get relevant service. Our professional technical team, China's Automobile industry association, and our partner companies have years of Auto-industry experience, can ensure you high quality and efficiently membership service, and resolve service needs on automotive engineering one-stop and comprehensively.    


Our membership including quarter-member and annual-member and we offer all kinds of professional programs and teams for our memberships specifically as service.  After registered as our member, you will get our updating and sharing of resource and information in the industry. We will help organizing members to participate in relevant vocational conferences, investigating the market prospect of members, setting unique project plans through investigating project direction and market outlooks of our members.     


Besidesas our membership, you can obtain the contact and cooperation with other demanded suppliers or companies by using our auto-components interactive platform. Through online connection, we are able to provide you the product benchmarking service and used car assessment service in value. As our member, you can also check various automobiles and suppliers relevant information we shared on our website which can be used in project investigation. These including industry information, enterprises information and professional technical information.


Our objects

1. Creation of vertically integrated multi-level database of automotive and industrial components suppliers

2. Enhancing of localization and cooperation of automotive components suppliers and automobile enterprises in China and abroad.

3. Strengthening of technology transfer, improve the overseas technology transfer capacity of suppliers.

4. Integration of Chinese automotive industry into the global automotive market.



Object participants/clients:

1. l Original equipment manufacturerOEM)(foreign and domestic assembly manufacturers

2. l Original equipment suppliersOES)(foreign and domestic automotive components manufacturers

3. l Suppliers of all levels

4. l Equipment manufacturers

5. l Companies providing services for automotive industry enterprises: Law, construction, logistics, consulting companies, owners and developers of industrial real estate, investment and financial structures, insurance, engineering, cleaning, HR-companies, project offices, certification bodies and other direct participants of a process of operational launching and development of business-projects.

6. l Representatives of industry committees of subjects of corporations/agencies on economic development regions.

7. l Diplomatic entities and foreign industry associations and partnership.


Condition for participation and additional information on current events is available upon request or after registration in your account on the site www.autoinfobiz.com

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