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Autoinfobiz was created for the suppliers and main engine plants who are committed to organize and develop vehicle/automotive components supplies internationally in different regionshelping integrating information resources which can be used conveniently in their business development. In the other hand, Autoinforbiz can also help customers to conduct feasibility analysis, contact partners and research to avoid the possible risk brought by the project on the projects they are interested in developing.


Currentlywe integrated various of automobiles’ and suppliers’ relevant information that can be used in project research, which including: Industry information, Market information, technical information, classification of modified/special vehicles, as well as the information of automobile components suppliers and matching manufacturers. You can review and use all kinds of information in our website when studying feasibility and cost comprehensively in the early stage of the project. Besides, we will provide you an opportunity of self-selection of clients/partners/contractors based on our experiences in automotive market and project analysis. Through register as our membership, you can find suppliers in demand in our database.


Website contains standard content sections of regulation, including related Chinese legislation and standard information of various types of automobiles. These can be viewed in the corresponding section of our website. You can also obtain information about investment conditions and current rights and interests of preferential project policies in China region.


We have sections of main engine plants for query about information of main engine plants, distribution of main engine plants, product life-cycle planning of main engine plants and other relative information.


After register as a memberyou can not only set and post company profile and project requirements on the information interaction platform, but also understand our interaction platform and focus on clients/partners/contractors in corresponding sections by contact us. In the whole process of project docking, we can provide product benchmarking service including product benchmarking and teardown analysis. You can also inquire the performance comparison about new energy vehicle in product benchmarking section. Moreover, we have high quality, sophisticated expert team for you to provide second-hand car assessment service and newest technical information. If you need more specific customized information and project support, please feel free to contact us at any time.


We hope your project requirements and activities have some sort of business orientation and theme, in order to organize relevant professional team to discuses the further development most effectively.


For our past activities and events, please check the relevant website.

Hope wen can play a catalytic role in the development of your project.


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