Gemmyray leads the team to participate in 3 exhibitions in MOSCOW






Russia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world's automotive industry, and the automotive industry is an important part of the Russian economy.Experts from Russian automotive statistics analysis estimate that the annual growth rate of the Russian auto parts primary market is 20% to 25%. With this growth rate, in 2009, the total market will be close to 10 billion US dollars, and will reach nearly 15 billion US dollars by 2010. As far as the current trend of localization of Russian parts is concerned, at least half of the shares are owned by foreign companies.


From August 26th to August 29th, 2019, through the information exchange platform of AUTOINFOBIZ, Gemmyray has organized four auto parts companies to form a small exhibition group and led the team to participate in the Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center in 2019 Frankfurt (Moscow) MIMS International Auto Parts Exhibition. The group has exchanged and discussed with many local companies and plans to cooperate further. The MIMS International Auto Parts Exhibition in Frankfurt (Moscow) has been held since 2010. It is jointly organized by Automechanika Moscow (Moscow International Auto Parts, After-sales Service and Equipment Exhibition) and MIMS (Moscow International Automobile, Accessories and Accessories Exhibition). Manufacturers and buyers provide a better platform. Previously, these two exhibitions focused on the fast-growing Russian automotive market, including the various segments of the automotive industry, from the latest auto parts and accessories to after-sales maintenance equipment.


From September 2nd to September 7th, under the leadership of Gemmyray, the pavilion exhibited at the Moscow International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in 2019 and the Russian International Automobile and Accessories Exhibition (INTERAUTO 2019) at the CROCUS Exhibition Hall in Moscow. China Global TV Network CGTN reported on the pavilion.Russia International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition is the largest and the world's second largest commercial vehicle exhibition in Russia. It is held twice a year at the Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow. Starting from February 2015, the exhibition will be held by the Messe Frankfurt company, and ITE Exhibition's joint venture in Russia, Frankfurt ITE Exhibition, was successfully acquired and is currently hosted by Frankfurt ITE Exhibitions. 2017 COMTRANS is a grand event of more than 100 models and special vehicles in the eight series. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of 80,000 square meters. More than 425 exhibitors (33 countries); 5 exhibition halls and 53,000 professional visitors are the largest and most industry-leading exhibitions in the Russian and Eastern European CIS countries. The world's leading brands of automobile manufacturers gather here; It is the best place to display passenger cars, trucks, trailers, trailers, vans and special vehicles. By this exhibition, world-class vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, service providers and suppliers can establish and consolidate corporate image and face-to-face. Trade negotiations to expand business opportunities in the commercial vehicle sector.
The world's leading brands of car manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, man, scania, kamaz, volvo truck company, hyundai commercial vehicle company, daf, gaz, maz, kogel, krone, vaz are exhibiting.

The International Auto and Accessories Exhibition (InterAuto) began in 2005 with the IEC Exhibition Center (IEC Crocus Expo) and the Association of Russian Automakers. To attract the world's top automotive OEMs, auto parts manufacturers and distributors. The INTERAUTO exhibition attracted more than 400 exhibiting companies from 20 countries and regions around the world. Exhibitors mainly come from Russia, Belarus, China, Australia, Canada, Finland, India, Israel, Poland, Sarvia, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and other countries. 





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HOMEPAGE    Gemmyray leads the team to participate in 3 exhibitions in MOSCOW
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