Gm has cut another 415 jobs at its Mexican plant because of a continuing strike in the United States

On September 15, the united auto workers union (UAW) called nearly 50,000 gm workers on strike because of a dispute over wages, health benefits and job security.Now, 24 days into a worsening strike, gm has announced it will lay off 415 workers at its Mexican plant, which makes V8 engines and gearboxes.

Just last week, gm suspended production at a plant in Mexico that laid off 6,000 workers.

The strike, involving more than 49,000 workers at 35 manufacturing plants and 21 distribution centers in 10 states, is the largest strike since 2007 and costs gm an average of nearly $100 million a day.It has also had a big impact on gm's finances, credit rating and borrowing costs.

For a long time, the conflicts between labor unions and enterprises in Europe and the United States are difficult to reconcile, and strikes occur from time to time. The trigger for this strike is that general motors plans to close four factories in November, and it does not reach a consensus on the treatment of workers in the future and whether to stay or not.

Gm reported net income of $36.1 billion and net profit of $2.4 billion in the second quarter of 2019, up 1.6 percent from the same period last year."Gm is making more money, but workers are not getting paid more," said one of the strikers.

The UAW is asking gm to move some plants from Mexico to the U.S. to create more jobs in the U.S.Second, we need to raise workers' wages, health care, job security and other benefits.

Gm is understood to have rejected the first request.After reaching agreement on just 2 per cent of more than 1,000 proposals, the talks have stalled.

And from the negotiations stalled to strike broke out, the UAW in just less than a week and assembling together nearly 50000 people to participate in the strike, and the UAW will to participate in the strike of the workers to pay $250 a week, and plan in January next year will be a paid up to $275, and gm workers can normally pay more than $30 per hour.In addition, UAW members will receive health insurance during the strike, and workers who actively participate in the strike will receive strike benefits.


2019/10/09 14:49
HOMEPAGE    Gm has cut another 415 jobs at its Mexican plant because of a continuing strike in the United States
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