1. Selection of partners

Launch of joint projects in China and abroad through attracting strategic partners in China and overseas allows not only to reduce costs on launching full-fledged business, but also to simplify the project launching process, reduce time-to-market for new products by relying on established business relationship and innovative technologies of implementing partner.


2. Selection of trading-object

We will provide various high-quality services to every enterprise or project being on the stage of operative start-up or business development who has requirements.


3. Modernization and equipment selection.

Both new projects launching and business business about vehicle parts supply directly rely on equipping innovative, accurately selected machine in manufacturing. This can not only help manufactured products matching the strict standards of assembling enterprises, but also shrink the scale of the personnel in your company significantly and improve their capacity.


We would happy to inform Chinese enterprises which interested in modernization and engineering service that there gonna be opportunities to engage our experts when prepare the automotive components production proposal. The selection of equipment (used or new, agreed) will be organized. The equipment will be tracked in their production process and matched to Chinese standards. Equipment installation and personnel training will be managed under the overall control of the equipment manufacturer.


We invite equipment manufacturers and engineering companies abroad to actively participate to get more information about Chinese market and enterprises.


4. Selection of location

As we all know,chose a proper production location which can satisfy manufacturers in their demands is one of the most important missions in business development or project launching.  Our experts will coordinate the entire life-cycle of the operational phase of the project launch,therefor they have all the necessary capabilities in real estate market and only cooperate with certified partners.


Please point out your area and the parameters of your desired location in the inquiry. A direct quotation with relevant reference will be sent to you from the potential partners.


5. Selection of staff

Experts of AUTOINFOBIZ will interact with Chinese automobile industry efficiently to search for high quality personnel.

Employee selection for clients is guided by domestic and international professional database rather than according to the location of production facilities.

You need to specify the area, send us your business information and list your open position as well as the qualification required for the position in order to book a staff seeking.

Candidate’s resume will be sent to you after signed the agreement on the terms of operation.


Using all opportunities of the project

  1. As a registered participant of our website, you will have chance to test the database of enterprises of the project and to submit partnership offer to potential reading objects.


  1. As a registered participant of our website, you can submit an actual cooperation offer in specialized section.


  1. Our experienced experts are sophisticated in implement projects successfully and have stable contact with accredited companies which can provide information about suppliers of materials, equipment, and services in a specific region you are interested in basis on your detailed request.


Forming a business alliances and becoming partnerships will reduce the usage of resources and significantly decrease the term of business launching.


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