Sunsuria-IAT  cooperation and communication between (china) IAT Automotive technology LLC and (Malaysia) Sunsuria group company


In January of 2019, We organized a meeting and negotiation for IAT and Sunsuria, which has demand on development of ride sharing business in Malaysia and new national vehicle project of government.     

From February to April, 2019, IAT and Sunsuria group co held a number of conferences for communication and negotiation in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. in April of 2019, the Malaysian Prime Minister’s special envoy and the director general of investment promotion bureau of Malaysia MIIT(ministry of industry and information technology) attended the conference of communication and negotiation held in Beijing. Through the communication and negotiation in the conference, IAT and Gemmyray technological development company started an joint scheme of new national vehicle project for Malaysia government.

In addition, this conference also improved the cooperation of IAT and Sunsuria in preparing the automotive technological and innovation center of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), which mainly including the development of vehicle sharing business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This cooperation between IAT and Malaysian not only played a significant role in promoting the development of IAT in automotive industrial in Southeast Asia region, but also contributed to its new business development in inter-regional cooperation and open innovation of Southeast Asia to enhance its robust Southeast Asian growth platform.

Besides,Gemmyray technological development company (Beijing)willing to provide necessary service through our portal website to potential customers and co operational development:

-automotive product output:

                         Product+DKD/SKD Capacity transfer                         

                         Product+CKD/full process capacity transfer

                         Automotive industrial park and supporting output

                         Export of KD parts

-Export of refitted vehicle/special vehicle

-Output of systematic capacity

Include: product development, quality assurance, manufacturing technique, management of suppliers, after-sales service, etc.

Format: technical support, on job training, collaborate to found R&D and training centre.


If you are interested in cooperation, please register/login and contact our server to inquire more details about quotation and service   










 In early June of 2018, Anwar group co. of Bangladesh sought through our portal (Autoinfobiz ) for proper company to achieve a cooperation. In early September of the same year, we organized a communication about the content of cooperation for Anwar group and IAT.

18th of September, 2018, Khaled Hossain, the CEO of AGA company (subsidiary company of Anwar group),visit China for inspection and on 20th of September, IAT signed the MOU with AGA, confirming each other as the only partner.  

27th of October, 2018, the IAT project delegation visited AGA company in Bangladesh,  signed the second MOU.

On 5th of November, AGA provided information about industrial policy of automotive SKD, assessment of composite cost, and profile of spare plant. After one-month-communication, IAT delivered planning scheme of assembly plants, alternative products of RHD(right-hand driving car), market research report,and project feasibility report. In early December, both companies signed the cooperative contract.  ,    

This cooperation allowed Anwar group to use Chinese manufacturing capacity flexibly, develop Bangladeshi automotive industry, integrate Chinese automotive industrial chain, and use products and manufacturing capacity of automotive industry flexibly depending on the industry experience and technological advantage of IAT. In the meantime, it can help Anwar group looking for the opportunities of automotive industrial development, promoting the growth of Bangladeshi automotive industry, establishing local automotive manufacturing capacity rapidly, and improving profitability base on the national conditions and market features of Bangladesh.  

In the scheme of this cooperation, IAT would choose proper products base on the request of Bangladeshi market, export components through DKD or SKD, assemble in local plants. The sales and after-sales service would be provided by local dealer.  

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